Le Blanc de Soubiran, AOC Cotes du Marmandais 2018, 750ml

Le Blanc de Soubiran, AOC Cotes du Marmandais 2018, 750ml

  • 型號: Le Blanc de Soubiran, AOC Cotes du Marmandais
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Le Blanc de Soubiran 2018

索碧城堡  白酒 2018

South-west France
Cotes du Marmandais
Grape Variety
95% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Sauvignon Gris 
95%長相思, 5%灰長相思
Tasting Notes
Mainly made with Sauvignon, this wine offers an intense nose, shared between the white flesh fruit (pear), minerality, citrus fruits, and delicate woody notes. Very young and round, the palate is tense by a fine acidity and finishes on brioche and roasted notes.

750 ml


La famille SOUBIRAN with our Château SOUBIRAN

This family property is located on South east slope from the right bank of the river Garonne and belongs today to the third generation of Soubiran. The viticulture there is ancestral. Indeed, the first traces of vines go back to 1868 and the cellars were already present in 1889. The vineyard has strongly increased over the years. In 1932, there were only 5 hectares with very different and very old grape varieties such as the grapput or the alicante.  The vineyard aging lead to its restructuring in the 80’s. It was then decided to plant new grape varieties such as Merlot, Cabernet, Abouriou and Malbec. The property is now composed by approximately 12 hectares, all in one piece.

The wine quality of this property comes from the subtle combination of its two principal grape varieties , the Merlot and the Malbec, with a clay limestone and boulbene soil. As for the vineyard, the wine business has fluctuated among the years. At the beginning, in the 1930’s, the property’s wine was sold entirely to the negoce of Marmande which was  supplying the « black wine »  for the vineyards of Bordeaux. When this practice has been stopped and that the slump of wine could be felt, the totality of the production was distilled. With the market recovery and the creation of  the wine cooperative of Beaupuy in 1952, the Soubiran family decided to sell it its production. Consequently, since 1968, the totality of the property production has been brought to the Cave du Marmandais. The Soubiran family, cooperators from father to son, share their passion with their visitors each friday afternoon and joined the program Destination Vignoble and Fermes de Garonne ( Vineyard Destination and Farms of Garonne).

莊園位於加龍河右岸的東南斜坡上,今天屬於第三代Soubiran。是祖傳的葡萄栽培。事實上,葡萄藤的第一道痕跡可以追溯到1868年,1889年酒窖已經存在。葡萄園多年來一直在大幅增加。在1932年,只有5公頃的葡萄品種非常不同,非常古老,如格拉夫特或阿利坎特。葡萄園的老化導致其在80年代重組。然後決定種植新的葡萄品種,如梅洛,赤霞珠,阿布里歐和馬爾貝克。該物業現在佔地約12公頃,全部為一體。 葡萄酒品質來自其兩種主要葡萄品種Merlot和Malbec的巧妙組合,以及粘土石灰石和boulbene土壤。至於葡萄園,葡萄酒業務多年來一直波動。起初,在20世紀30年代,該酒莊的葡萄酒完全賣給了馬爾芒德(Marmande)的黑暗,後者為波爾多葡萄園提供“黑葡萄酒”。當這種做法停止並且可以感覺到葡萄酒的坍塌時,整個生產過程就被提煉出來了。隨著市場的複蘇和Beaupuy葡萄酒合作社於1952年的成立,Soubiran家族決定將其生產出售。因此,自1968年以來,整個物業生產已被帶到Cave du Marmandais。 Soubiran家族,從父親到兒子的合作者,每個星期五下午與遊客分享他們的熱情,並加入了目的地Vignoble和Fermes de Garonne(葡萄園目的地和加龍河農場)。


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